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The collectiv NFT

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The Collectiv NFT

Grow and expand our NFT traffic and selection is our priority. Making history.

Full NFTs based on ETH & Safemoon Network with an award-winning team of professionals and talented artists working collectively to create Life-Changing NFTs.  Strictly form by #SafemoonArmy commanders & influencers. Blowing away your mind one NFT at a time.

Our design platform

This platform brings us the opportunity to create modern, original and exclusive designs with:

  • A great collection of brushes for an in-detail image

  • A color palette with blurry colors for smooth lines

  • New set of thematic backgrounds and patterns

  • Sculpture effect tool for statue lovers

  • Innovative apps & tools to give your posters a vivid effect

The Collectiv’s NFT

The collective work of Artists 👩‍🎨 that love to make NFTs for the greater good of crypto & humanity

We work like this: 👇🏻 

NFT Procedures

NFT Auditing 

First, we audit the NFT to determine whether is fully optimized for minting engine traffic, has any broken files or links, loads quickly, is user-friendly, and has top-notch content.

Developing NFT Template 

Then we develop a tailored and effective NFT strategy that will surely bring top quality template and high-consistency of placements on the most obscure angels and dimensions. 

Implementing the tactics

And finally, it's time to implement the chosen strategy into action plans and activities. We guarantee the success of optimal, rather than the maximal implementation of the strategy. In other words Quality over Quantity. 

Our happy team

Meet our creative team, those who have passion to work and make our clients more comfortable and happy.

Matt Wallace

Unique Artist & Influencer

"Super artist, crypto advocate and tremendous influencer among the Safemoon Army."

The Collectiv NFT Presents you a unique virtual experience

Changing the way you view #NFTs. Feel free to check our “3D Virtual Gallery” now available for your convenience.

Let's talk! 🤙🏻

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